PRP/The Nature’s Lift

One of the latest and most exciting developments of the recent years is the introduction of PRP/ Selphyl, or The Nature’s Lift ( since we use your own purified blood).                                                           forehead (2)

What is PRP/ Selphyl?                                                                                              

PRP/ Selphyl,  stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma” or “platelet rich fibrin matrix”. In this process, platelets from your own blood are extracted, concentrated, and then activated and given back to your skin to release your body’s own natural healing mechanisms by virtue of the abundance of growth factors released by your blood platelets. The effects are real and lasting, and natural.

What’s the advantage of PRP over other treatments?

This method uses only your own blood to act as growth-promoting medium and won’t use other dermal fillers or synthetic materials. It’s all natural: you helping your body to heal and get better. It takes between 2-4 monthly treatments to achieve optimal result with PRP.

Before the treatments, the area to be treated will be numbed, and a small amount of your own blood is drawn. You will need to be off all blood thinners ( including aspirin) for at least a week, and avoid alcohol for 3 days before this treatment.

What can be treated with Selphyl/ The Nature’s Lift?

The results have been very smooth and natural compared to many of the mainstream dermal fillers, which occasionally cause lumps or an unwanted bluish hue to the treated area. This is specially important around the eyes. Many areas of skin can be treated and improved, including the texture and tone of the skin, as well as the volume loss that comes with aging. The face, neck, Décolletage, and hands all may be treated successfully with this method. Acne scars, lines and wrinkles, and enlarged pores are other examples of conditions that are treatable with Selphyl.

This treatment can give years back to your face, neck and hands. Please give us a call to schedule your free consultation for it.

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