Cost of Hair Transplant

Cost of hair transplant:

This is dependent on a variety of factors. If you only get the medical hair restoration, it is usually restricted to the cost of your consultation, your handheld laser, and medications.

The cost of the surgery varies depending on the FUE versus the FUT (strip) method, as well as the number of grafts, how many surgical sessions you will need, and how extensive your hair loss is. It generally varies between $2-$7 per graft in different hair transplant clinics.

We assure that you get the best value of your hair transplant surgery at Corona Hair and Skin Clinic. Further evaluation of your donor hair concentration, the recipient area and how many grafts it may need, the expected results, and the cost based on your specific situation will be discussed during your transplant consultation.

Financing is available for your hair transplant procedure through Care Credit program.