Age Spots and Melasma

If you are suffering from excessive skin pigment such as freckles, age or sun spots, hormonal changes that affect your skin in a  dark patchy manner ( melasma), we can help you.
Age Spot
A series of special chemical peels tailored to your need and your skin type as well as specialized laser treatments can eliminate or significantly fade your spots.
Discover the skin you can not achieve with topical creams, and facial masks alone. Erase sun damage, the appearance of fine lines as well as blotchy and discolored skin in a few minutes using our Lutronic Laser system. Significant results are achieved in a series of 3-5 treatments depending on the severity of your problem, as this is one of the least irritating and best-tolerated laser treatments with truly no social down time. More aggressive age spot removal treatments are also available at our clinic, depending on if you are accepting of some  temporary darkening of your spots before they peel off. Enjoy the popularity and the dramatic results achieved by this procedure and make this a “must have” as part of your skin transformation.
Popular areas for treatment include the face, neck, and chest areas where sun damage has occurred over time. Otherconditions that can be treated with our packages include:
  • Melasma : this is the abnormal pigment mostly seen in women and sometimes with birth control pills
  • Inflammatory Acne as well as mild to moderate acne marks
  • Pigmentation (brown spots) and age spots
  • Acute bruises from trauma and sports injuries can be targeted by laser and dramatically decrease the length of time they are visible.
  • Skin toning and generalized lightening of dark skin