Although our emphasis is on non-invasive fat reduction, there are certain situations that demand otherwise. Among the other options are “mesotherapy”, which is injection of fat-treating solutions under the skin; and Laser-Assisted-Liposuction ( the so called Laser Lipo).
We offer both options. Sometimes, and depending on how big the fat pad is, we also use a device called Vaser (ultrasonic fat liquefaction), in conjunction with laser liposuction.
How it’s done: This is an office procedure, which is done under local numbing and not general anesthesia. Medications to relax you will be given before the procedure, and then the site is disinfected, a numbing solution is injected under your skin, and then very thin instruments (Vaser or Laser) will be inserted under your skin to heat up the skin and also melt fat. The procedure is finished with suctioning the melted fat through the same tiny holes made for inserting the instruments. There is some restriction as to how large of an area can be done in one session. The major determining factor is your weight, which determines how much fat can be reduced as well as how much of the numbing solution can be injected. Some individuals may need more than one Laser Lipo session in a given area due to the size of the fat pad.
What to do with the loose skin that remains after liposuction? previously the only solution to the problem of loose, saggy skin after liposuction was a “lift procedure”. This might be an arm lift, neck lift, or a tummy tuck.
Usage of the Vaser device has improved the skin quality and tightening significantly in recent years.
Our new addition, the Renuveon J-Plasma technology uses a combination of a strong radiofrequency wave and cold helium plasma at the same time to strengthen and tighten the skin right after liposuction. This is an optional added step, whcih dramatically reduces the number of cases that would need the excess skin to be cut out.
The day of your procedure: You will need to have completed your consent forms for the procedure. You may drive to our office, but since you will be lightly sedated, you MUST have someone drive you home after you are done. YOU WILL NOT BE RELEASED IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SOMEONE TO PICK YOU UP. Also you MUST have someone stay with you the first night after the procedure. This is in case of the unforseen.
What does it feel like?  During most of the procedure, you may feel slightly drowsy due to the relaxing medicine you are given. Aside from minimal discomfort from the initial injection site, there may be no other discomfort involved.
How is the recovery like? You will need to wear a special compression garment after the surgery. The type and duration of it will be discussed with you during your consultation.  For 24-48 hours after your procedure, you may have some oozing from the incision sites, which will stop on its own. You will be given pads to protect your clothing and bed sheets from it. The first few days you may see some swelling and minor bruising from the procedure. This may subside within two weeks. You will be instructed on the appropriate timing to restart physical activity during your consultation and after your procedure.
What’s the cost of Laser Lipo? Our cost structure is affordable and competitive. The overall cost depends on how thick the fat pads are and how many areas we do in one session. We do also work with Care Credit for financing of the entire amount of your procedure. If you decide to pay it off  within 6 months, there will be no interest on the amount spent!
As always, our cosmetic consultations are complimentary. Please give us a call to schedule your consultation today.