Acne? No problem. Eyebags? Check. Jowls? Check!

Acne? No problem. Eyebags? Check. Jowls? Check!

Once in a while there is a revolutionary innovation that changes the way doctors do things. If a technology gives us the versatility of treating many things with affordable cost, it’s a winner.

In this case, we are talking about a lesser known technology called Agnes RF. It is based on treatment of a variety of conditions ranging from active acne (mild to very severe), to Jowling, aging face, eyelid hooding, and eyebags. All done without a single cut, and all under local anesthesia without the cost, side effects or possible hazards of going under general anesthesia.

It operates based on the principles of Radio Frequency skin and fat heating.

The root cause for acne ( from white head to black head to inflammatory pimples), is over-production of oil in the skin’s oil glands. These problem glands comprise about 5% of the population of oil glands in one’s face. To target the issue, one must diminish the oil output with medications or destroy the oil gland itself. Medications and lotions have a temporary effect on this process; when they are stopped, the issue comes back. A more permanent fix for this issue is to destroy the fatty tissue of the oil gland responsible for the problem. This is achieved very precisely with the Agnes RF device. Under magnification, and after application of a numbing cream, the pus from pimples is extracted, then we go on and apply the RF energy through a specially designed short needle into the problem oil gland, which permanently destroys it. This won’t dry out your skin too much as you still have 95% of the healthy oil glands in the skin. You are generally put on an anti-inflammatory medicine by mouth for one week after to calm your skin down after the procedure. This process can be repeated up to 5 times for total CURE of the acne, depending on if, where and when some OTHER oil glands on the face of neck misbehave. This procedure can be used for the back acne too.

Severe inflammatory acne, before and after 2 treatments

Certainly the cost and side effects are significantly less than alternative treatments, with beautiful permanent results.

This RF technology also can treat other conditions. By changing the type of needle, and different energy settings on the machine, the skin and fat can be heated up to effect a certain result: destruction f under-eye bags, excess skin on the upper eyelid, jowling, and double chin; all with skin tightening in the same area at the same time!

Results are natural looking and beautiful!