Bellafill/ Bellalift

Bellafill/ Bellalift

The biggest objective of using dermal fillers is a product that is smooth and natural-looking. Of course the longevity of the filler is also a factor. Many people who have tried mainstream fillers complain that the majority of fillers last just a few months to a maximum of 2 years.

In the U.S. market, so far the longest lasting fillers were traditionally Scupltra and Juvederm Voluma. The advantage of Juvedrm Voluma is that it is reversible, meaning that if the result is not desirable, it can be dissolved with injection of Hyaluronidase. The disadvantage of course: the longevity and cost. Over a 5 year period, repeated injections of the mainstream fillers becomes pricey, and also the results may not be very natural.

A third generation PMMA dermal filler called Bellafill resolves these issues. The filler contains 80% Bovine Collagen ( the reason why you will have to get allergy tested at the office giving the filler to you ahead of time) and 20% microsphere of the polymer PMMA. PMMA is the same molecule which is found in contact lenses and implantable lenses after cataract surgery. It has been around for decades with a great track record of safety.

After injection of Bellafill, the plumping results are immediate, smooth and often very impressive.

Bellafill Eyes

Over the next 3 months, the bovine collagen is broken down by the body, but the PMMA keeps stimulating your skin to lay down your own natural collagen. The results only get better with time as more collagen is produced. One great aspect of this filler is that, not only does it add volume to the treated area, it also improves the texture, glow and skin quality as it enhances your natural collagen production.

Bellafill Mouth

In extensive clinical studies, it has been shown to be safe, and last at least 5 years. Comparative cost of the initial injection of Bellafill to other dermal fillers is also lower over the minimum-5-year longevity of Bellafill.

The FDA has approved the use of Bellafill for rolling acne scars as well as correction of smile lines, although it has been extensively used in almost all other areas of the face as an off-label indication of its usage ( except for lips). We also routinely use it for nonsurgical nose jobs, Asian nose enhancement, and chin enhancements without surgery.

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