To Buy or Not To Buy? The dilemma of online purchase.

To Buy or Not To Buy? The dilemma of online purchase.



We all know that online purchases are convenient and save us travel, gas, time, and money.

But does that apply to all purchases?

Well, there are a few that are best not bought online, such as a form fitting suit or a Perfume you have never tried on. But what about cosmeceuticals and medical grade skin care?

One may argue that they could be purchased online for the same benefits, but how true is that?

Let’s consider a few facts, and then compare:

1. When you buy them online, You don’t know the online seller and their level of honesty most of the time. How would we know if it’s the real thing or a counterfeit? How do we know it’s not been diluted? How do we know it’s not been opened?

2. Often times for sensitive purchases, one would have to know if the product is fresh. How do we ascertain how long a certain product has been sitting on shelves, in a hot or freezing warehouse, and affecting its active ingredients?

3. Return of a used product from an online purchase may not be easy; not so with an in-person purchase. Often the distributers and resellers take their products back if you are not satisfied. This process is not as easy with online purchases, having to pay return shipping in most cases as well.

4. With online purchases, you can not earn rewards and loyalty points that entitle you to free products. These programs are often offered through the distribution networks of  renown manufacturers that assure you of their quality and stand behind their brand.

Whatever you decide, choose wisely and avoid being a victim. In person purchases may be at a somewhat higher price, but assure you the guarantees you can not often get with online purchases.



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