Thinking about face lift or hate your saggy turkey neck?

Thinking about face lift or hate your saggy turkey neck?

Over the years, there have been very limited ways of improving sagging skin of the face and specially neck area. For many years, the only option has been a surgical facelift, with significant downtime. It would cause bruising, swelling, and create a surgical scar at the incision site.ultherapy-system-new.jpg

Other options with less effective results were laser, or radio frequency skin tightening, and RF microneedling. Until Focused Ultrasound was introduced.

It is most important to know that no non-invasive treatment gives the extreme results that surgery can give. If a person really needs a facelift, other non-invasive methods may not be adequate for them.

Short of surgery, HIFU, or Highly Focused Ultrasound (i.e. Ulthera) is the best next option. We often combine this modality with Botox/Dysport, and dermal fillers and microneedling to give the best non invasive alternative to a face lift.

The HIFU, or Ulthera, which is the ONLY FDA approved treatment for such purposes, bypasses the surface of the skin. This means that there is no downtime, and the procedure can be done during a lunch break.  The focused beam of ultrasound is concentrated on different depths of tissues under the skin, specifically the covering of deeper muscles of the face and neck. By delivering the ultrasound energy, there is immediate coagulation of deep tissues, resulting of some IMMEDIATE skin tightening, and continuing to build new soft tissue and collagen over the next 3 months, thus improving the results further.

The treatments are versatile, and can be done for eyebrow lift, cheek lift, giving more definition to the jawline, treatment of jowls, and treatment of saggy skin under the chin and in the neck. The most recent approval came for treatment of wrinkling in the decollete area.

If you have been thinking of a nonsurgical treatment for saggy skin, you should give some thought to Ulthera treatment, often combined with other treatments.

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