A significant number of people suffer from bulging fat pad under eyes as we age ( or as a hereditary trait), and/or sagging of the jawline fat pad (Jowling).


A majority of sufferers are not open to the concept of going under the knife/ general anesthesia for the corrective procedure, as well as not liking the downtime or the surgical scar left behind. Fortunately, there is a new non-surgical option that doesn’t leave a surgical scar behind, and doesn’t need general anesthesia.



AGNES RF is a very unique technology that uses specialty needles to deliver a strong pulse of radiofrequency energy deep into the skin where fat stays. In this process, fat is destroyed and the soft tissue around it is stimulated to produce an abundance of collagen; which in turn results in skin shrinkage. Depending on how bad the problem is, 1-3 treatments two months apart will be needed. This is all done under numbing injections without the need (or hazards) of general anesthesia. Results vary from good to excellent.  There is no limitation of sun exposure with this method. You may get some minor temporary swelling or an occasional bruise. You are also advised to avoid NSAIDS pain medicines, or any supplement or drug that can act as a blood thinner for a week before (such as fish oil).

We are proud to be the first clinic offering this option in the Pacific Northwest, with many happy clients so far.

Please give us a call for a free consultation. Explore what you can achieve with AGNES RF.