Skin & Veins

The possibilities of the modern cosmetic equipment ( such as various lasers and radio frequency devices), newer procedures and skills, and also new cosmeceuticals have enables us to target many conditions that were very hard to treat without surgery or harsh medications. What used to be a surgical treatment for tattoo removal, has been replaced with a series of laser treatments. Nowadays we can treat toenail fungus with lasers and without medicines that are hard on the liver. Likewise, pigmented skin lesions, age spots, abnormal areas of pigment called melanoma, sensitive red skin (rosacea), or enlarged pores can all be treated with lasers. In the case of laser hair reduction ( mistakenly known as laser hair removal), any skin color can be treated with no down time, and with minimal discomfort. Hand held home-use lasers for hair reduction do not have adequate power or speed to compete with in-office lasers for effective and fast hair removal, specially on the larger areas. Please click on the side tabs to explore more about the treatments we offer.