Skin Tightening/ Non-surgical lift


  • Saggy skin around the eyes
  • Turkey neck
  • Flabby arms
  • Smokers lines around lips (barcode lines)
  • Wrinkly hands
  • Crows feet that persist despite using Botox
  • Any area that remains saggy ( even after liposuction)
  • Crepe-looking skin


Depending on your specific needs and skin type, we may recommend treatments with lasers, RF microneedling ( Secret RF),  Laser Genesis, Titan infrared skin tightening, or the new J-plasma Renuveon treatment.

  • Laser Genesis: These are easy treatments that gently heat up the skin and delivered in 4-6  biweekly sessions. Just as any other cosmetic treatment, you will need to get some maintenance treatment, to stop the progession of aging skin. This is because skin aging does not stop with any treatment we provide. The other option, is a special kind of needle arrays ( Secret RF-Micro), attached to a radio-frequency pulse generator that can go as deep as 3.5 into the skin and “shrink-wrap” the skin from deep within. This is of course applied after application of a numbing cream. The cosmetic downtime with this treatment is 1-2 days of redness and mild swelling. 2-3 monthly treatments are required to confer results of about 40% that of a face lift.
  • Another option is Fractional CO2 resurfacing. This option has a cosmetic downtime of 3-7 days depending on how intensive we go on your face. This is also a series of 2-3 treatments on a monthly basis. This is one of the best treatments for wrinkles around the eyes or the mouth.
  • Finally our most aggressive non-surgical approach to wrinkles, sagging, sun damage and sun spots combined is the new J-plasma Renuveon treatment. This unique therapy is performed after thoroughly numbing the face with injections, and applying a very strong pulse of radio-frequency to the skin along with cold Helium plasma (not to be confused with platelet-rich-plasma). The cosmetic downtime is 10-14 days. At 10 days, you are presentable with some foundation/ cover up/ make up. Best results are achieved at 7 weeks. Results last a long time and are close to that of a combined surgical facelift PLUS CO2 laser resurfacing at a fraction of their cost. If you have severe aging, sagging, wrinkles, and sun spots, hooding and bulging around the eyes, this would be your best bet.

    Renuveon J-Plasma lift