Eye Rejuvenation/ Eye bags


  • Tired-looking eyes
  • Loose eyelid skin/ wrinkles
  • Overhanging (hooding) of eyebrows over eyelids
  • Crepe-looking skin under eyes
  • Dark circles
  • Hollowing under the eyes
Your complimentary consultation will let you know what treatment may be suitable for your condition. We use a few modalities to address the issue: Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing with Cortex laser ( Bright Lift), RF skin tightening ( AGNES and SECRET RF devices), dermal fillers, fat stem cells, and Botox/Dysport to address the issue. Often times a combination approach works the best.
Sometimes your best treatment is surgical approach such as brow lift. Short of surgery, we can help you with improving your condition. Please call us today for your free consultation.

Bright lift (a.k.a. Madonna Lift)

Fat stem cell injection for dark circles


Until now, there was only one treatment available for eye bag surgery: Surgical approach or lower Blepharoplasty. With the introduction of the new Agnes RF device, there is no need for surgery. This means elimination of general anesthesia, minimal to no down time, and cutting the cost to below half of surgical approach. In this approach, a small amount of numbing medications will be injected under the eyes, and then specialized needles inserted into the baggy area, which discharge a pulse of energy. The release of this energy tightens the tissue around the fat pad and also destroys the fat content of it. Wrinkles around the eyes are treated in the same session to produce rejuvenated eyes. Depending on the degree of eye bags, 1-3 treatments will be needed at 2 month intervals.

Latisse (Bimatoprost) eyelash growth Solution by Allergan:

This is the only FDA  approved prescription-only medication that’s available to enhance eyelash growth. It is applied only to the border of upper eyelashes, and teh excess run off should be immediately wiped off. If you have allergy to Bimatoprost ( which was originally used to control glaucoma as an eye drop), you should not be taking this.
We carry two different volumes of Latisse; 3ml and 5ml. Please inquire about the pricing.