Fat grafting as dermal filler (Lipofilling/ fat injection)

Fat grafting, or lipofilling (or autologous fat transfer) is a process where your own fat is harvested under local anesthesia while you are fully awake, processed, and then re-injected in the face or body to enhance and restore volume. It dramatically rejuvenates and restores lost fat, or previously less prominent areas of the face and body.

Areas that can be treated are: The face, hands, breast, buttocks or any other area of the body that needs more volume. We have performed many fat grafting procedures with great success and outstanding results. They have been performed on faces, hands, breasts, and buttocks (the Brazilian Butt Lift).

Anyone who needs more than 5-6 syringes of dermal fillers to achieve their desired results should consider fat grafting, as it  costs less, and does not involve injection of a foreign substance to the body.

The results are immediate and long lasting.


Before and after fat transfer to smile lines, lower cheeks, temples, forehead and under eyes. Our own archives.


Another way to use the fat is the immense potential of fat stem cells for skin rejuvenation, elimination of under-eye dark circles, and hair regrowth on the scalp.. This procedure is called Nano-fat grafting, which involves special processing and purification of fat stem cells and reinjecting them where needed. This could be the thin skin that needs extra help such as around the eyes or in the decollette, or dark circles under the eyes.

During this procedure, a small pocket of fat from your body is numbed with local anesthetics, the fat is suctioned out, purified and micronized, and mixed with your own platelets. Your platelets are harvested from a  small sample of your blood. After processing your fat on site, it is easily re-injected into areas of your face ) including tear troughs, etc.

The procedure is easily done in an office visit within 1 hour.

ALMI stem cell treatment of dark circles under eyes in a 21 year old patient. Our own archives.

The results are immediate with minimal to no downtime, bruising or swelling. Also the results are long lasting. You may need a touch up at 3-5 years depending on how your body and face naturally age. In general, if you lose some, we give you back some. In general, 85-90% of the injected fat survives; therefore, the old practice of overfilling of fat in the face in anticipation of some fat loss in outdated.

If your face is gaunt as a result of aging and volume loss, and if your hands are skeletonized  (seeing veins, thin skin, and tendons) then you may be a good candidate for this procedure. If your estimated amount of dermal filler use to restore volume to your face is over 5-6 syringes, then this procedure is more cost effective than filler for you.

How we have customized and improved our process is that we uniquely use the “PUREGRAFT” device to purify the aspirated fat, so you only get the purest form of the fat without blood, which increases the fat cell survival and the result of the procedure.

An added bonus of this procedure is that it does not use any synthetic chemicals. It’s all from your body: All Me!

Please give us a call to find out if you are a good candidate for it.