The latest in aesthetic medicine and surgery

The latest in aesthetic medicine and surgery


Ever wondered what to do with all that aging skin, sagging, sun spots all over the face and neck, and looking much older than what you feels? Ever thought or wished there was something without surgery and with reasonable downtime and lower cost that could give you the same results?

It has now materialized. The revolution in aesthetic medicine and surgery has arrived. The recently launched ” J-plasma Renuveon cold helium plasma technology” is here to do exactly that.

Although there is a cosmetic downtime of 10-14 days with it, the results are only short of a miracle without surgery. The cost is also a fraction of face lift. Considering that facelift generally has about 2 weeks of cosmetic downtime, this revolutionary treatment beats facelift price-wise and for the results any moment. We are one of few centers in the USA that have adopted this treatment and offering it at a reasonable price.

Don’t delay your treatment. Take a leaps of faith and take back the years that time has robbed you of.

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