ALMI, fat as dermal filler

IALMI stands for Autologous Micronized Lipocyte Injection, or simply nanofat injection. During the process of the ALMI procedure, a small pocket of fat from your body is numbed with local anesthetics, the fat is suctioned out, purified and micronized, and mixed with your own platelets. Your platelets are harvested from a  small sample of your blood. After processing your fat on site, it is easily re-injected into areas of your face ) including tear troughs, lips, temples, etc), as well as hands that have aged and lost the volume in them.

ALMI back

The procedure is easily done in an office visit within 2 hours.

The results are immediate with minimal to no downtime, bruising or swelling. Also the results are long lasting. You may need a touch up at 3-5 years depending on how your body and face naturally age. In general, if you lose some, we give you back some. In general, 85-90% of the injected fat survives; therefore, the old practice of overfilling of fat in the face in anticipation of some fat loss in outdated.

ALMI is projected to be the hottest plastic surgery trend of 2017.

If your face is gaunt as a result of aging and volume loss, and if your hands are skeletonized ( seeing veins, thin skin, and tendons) then you may be a good candidate for this procedure. If your estimated amount of dermal filler use to restore volume to your face is over 5-6 syringes, then this procedure is more cost effective than filler for you.

How we have customized and improved our process is that we uniquely use the “PUREGRAFT” device to purify the aspirated fat, so you only get the purest form of the fat without blood, which increases the fat cell survival and the result of the procedure.

An added bonus of this procedure is that it does not use any synthetic chemicals. It’s all from your body: All Me!

Please give us a call to find out if you are a good candidate for it.